Burton Stiletto EST Snjóbrettabindingar Konur

10.770 kr.

Burton Stiletto EST Snjóbrettabindingar konur, eins sú vinsælasta. EST bindingar passa eingöngu fyrir Burton Channel festikerfi.

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Frí sending á pöntunum yfir 20.000 kr  Skilafrestur   1 – 4 daga afhendingartími

Frí sending á pöntunum yfir 20.000 kr 

14 daga skilafrestur

  1 – 4 daga afhendingartími

SKU: stiletto est fw1718


Athugið að EST snjóbrettabindingar er eingöngu hægt að nota í channelkerfið frá Burton. Þessa tegund bindingar er ekki hægt að nota á önnur festikerfi.


Set your riding free with this extra-soft flexing take on all-mountain progression.

The Burton Stiletto binding is one of our most popular options, boasting women’s-specific features throughout for lightweight, feelgood support. Canted hi-backs cradle the natural contours of your legs, while a bed of cushioning lays the foundation for consistent board control and softer landings. Re:Flex™ gives you more flex and feel than traditional disc bindings, along with universal compatibility to mount these bindings on any board in the shop. Softer flexing than the Scribe and with more performance than the Citizen, the Stiletto delivers versatility and comfort that makes it easy to advance your skills.

Women’s-Specific True Fit™ Design
BASEPLATE: Single-Component Lightweight, Bomb-Proof Polycarbonate EST®
HI-BACK: Single-Component Canted Hi-Back with MicroFLAD™
STRAPS: NEW Reactstrap™ and Gettagrip Capstrap™
BUCKLES: Smooth Glide™ Buckles
CUSHIONING: ShredBED™ 2.0 Cushioning System
Features Re-Ground Materials to Reduce Waste
Rides Exclusively with Boards Featuring The Channel®


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