Mondraker/TroyLeeDesign A3 MIPS Hjólahjálmur

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Flottur Fjallahjólahjálmur hvort sem það er fyrir leik eða keppni þá veitir Mondrasker A3 hjálmurinn frábæra vörn með MIPS kerfinu.

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Frí sending á pöntunum yfir 7000 kr 


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  1 – 4 daga afhendingartími

SKU: 030.22001


Troy Lee Designs’ third generation Trail / All mountain / Enduro helmets have arrived in the guise of the spectacular A3. It was designed with strength and comfort as its two main objectives and its stunning design with 16 ventilation holes offers better than ever ventilation. It comes with the 360° Precision Fit system and 3 levels of height adjustment. Manufactured with two different densities of expanded polystyrene (EPS and EPP) foam, it has the MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) built in for greater protection. Adjustment is simple, using straps and the V2 Fidlock magnetic buckle. It also includes the Sweatglide system (removable, washable and replaceable sweat management system) and the Xstatic® lining to prevent sweat from accumulating and to avoid unpleasant odors. It is also available in two different colorways.

  • EPS and EPP for high-speed and low-speed impact energy management
  • Precision Fit 360-degree adjustment system, 3 levels of height adjustment and V2 Fidlock magnetic buckle
  • MIPS for greater protection in case of accidents or falls
  • 16 ventilation holes
  • Sweatglide system (removable, washable and replaceable sweat management system) and Xstatic® pads.
  • “Smart shear” visor fixing screws that break in a controlled manner when crashing to prevent further damage.
  • Sizes XS-S, M-L and XL-2XL
  • Weight: 375 gr

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