Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero X Splitbretti

151.830 kr.

Léttasta Splitbrettið frá Burton. Fullkomið unixex bretti í utanbrautarpúðrið. Directional hönnunin gefur framúrskarandi flot, en nóg popp þegar á þarf að halda.

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Frí sending á pöntunum yfir 20.000 kr  Skilafrestur   1 – 4 daga afhendingartími

Frí sending á pöntunum yfir 20.000 kr 

14 daga skilafrestur

  1 – 4 daga afhendingartími

SKU: 2223610


Have split, will travel. Set your course for points unexplored on this ultra-lightweight and versatile split. There are backcountry bowls and secret tree stashes calling your name. Light is right in the backcountry, and the Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero X Splitboard is our lightest split model. Its lightweight build and Methlon base lighten your load to explore further, while our Split Channel mount is the most reliable system in the splitboard game. The directional shape floats in powder and offers plenty of pop when you need it. Durable end-grain wood in high-impact zones increase durability without adding weight to every step of your tour.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC: This year we let the unique shapes and rides take main stage by using simple geometry, finishes, and natural textures to allow the shape and contours of the board come to life. The clean aesthetic is meant to telegraph the board’s character and personality. The Family Tree is about building the future with all of the lessons from over 40 years of experimentation and adoration for the glide, ride, and slide. We take all that knowledge and put it to the test with new configurations of proven methods that deliver specific ride benefits. The hope is always to move what is possible within our sport and culture towards the future.


3-Year Warranty

How to measure
Þyngd54-82 kg54-82 kg68-91 kg82-118 kg+
Breidd um miðju246mm250mm256mm262mm
Staða bindinga-40-40-40-40
Stærð bindingaS/MM/LLL

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